Why you have no Time to Just Enjoy Life? Start working on your Lifetime goals today!

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Written By: Ali Kasa

In 2019 I had an interesting encounter with an Uber driver from Brisbane, Australia. I jumped in and he started talking to me. I asked what is your story? He said that he migrated from Lebanon with his parents when he was a kid. He started with a construction company and that was all he did all his life. He sold the business for a few million dollars. He said that he and his wife had a bucket list and the first thing in the bucket list was a round trip around Australia to be followed by a white Christmas in Europe.  After the all Australian trip his wife was diagnosed with cancer and after 3 months she passed away. He was crying while sharing the story. His life regret was that he postponed the white Christmas for so many years as he was busy with his work. After his wife passed away, he ended in depression and he said his daughter signed him up to be an uber driver as therapy for him. The life lesson for him was that he should have approached life differently balance between work and other aspects of life.

I speak to a lot of young adults about what are their lifetime goals. The answer I often get is too early to think of serious aspects of life. I should enjoy first then start thinking about what I should achieve in life. What is the right approach to life? Work hard and achieve the goals then enjoy or enjoy first then work hard to achieve the lifetime goals? The answer is somewhere in between.

What are Lifetime Goals?

Lifetime goals are goals or objectives someone wants to achieve within a lifetime. For example, someone may have a lifetime goal to visit 100 countries, visit 7 wonders of the world or become a professional coach.


How much time we have to Achieve our Lifetime goals?

The term “life expectancy” refers to the number of years a person can expect to live. Let us say in your country the life expectancy for a female is 75 years. How much of 75 years a female will have to work on lifetime goals? One may think that 75 years is a long time. However, that is not the case. Let us do the math together.

Life Expectancy in Hours Deductions
657,000 = 75 years x 365 days x 24 hours Sleeping time 219,000 = 75 years x 365 days x 8 hours
Study Time 127,750 = 25 years x 365 days x 14 hours
Maintenance time (eating, drinking, shower, social time) 54,750 = 75 years x 365 days x 2 hours
Retirement time from age 65 is 51,100 = 10 years x 365 days x 14 hours
Balance for Productive time 204,400 hours

As you can see from these calculations, I have not included travel, illness, family time and other aspects that are naturally required in life. This calculation is also assuming that you will live for 75 years. However, you know that is not guaranteed. Daily you hear your loved ones or people that you know of who die far younger than 75 years old. The message I am sending to you is there is no time.

Watch this beautiful video of Muhammad Ali’s inspiring speech here.

You can calculate your Life Utilization Chart here for free to visualize how much time is left for you based on your life expectancy.

If there is no time why people are not acting to achieve their lifetime goals?

Every one of us may have different reasons for not working on lifetime goals. One common reason that I come across all the time is procrastination.

Procrastination is defined as the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.

One of the key aspects of lifetime goals is that they do not come with a certain deadline. So they end up being postponed indefinitely and never get done.

We all struggle with procrastination and I found this Ted talk to be an excellent content to understand why people procrastinate and what to do about it.

Watch it here:

The Life Utilization Chart will help you realize that there is no much time. Put deadlines on your important lifetime goals and get help from a coach or mentor to make you responsible for achieving them.

What Approaches to Use in Achieving Lifetime goals?

There many approaches that people use to achieve their goals. However, I am sharing two main approaches that I have come across. It will be useful to use the wheel of life to articulate what is important for you in life right now. Complete the wheel of life assessment for free.

Waterfall Approach to Life

This approach to life means that people prioritize one area of life first and work on that and when they have made certain progress in achieving that they move to another aspect of life. Naturally, we study first. We achieve a certain level of success in education and then we start a career. After a career we start family, after that we start social or travel and so one. This approach works well if all assumptions prove correct. However, we know that not everything goes as planned. Below is the graphic representation of waterfall approach to Life Model.

Diagram of Waterfall Approach to Life Model

Agile Approach to Life

The agile approach to life means that we work on all-important lifetime goals on a daily basis. We divide the day equitably according to the importance of the lifetime goals on that particular day. This means that every day you are working towards your lifetime goals and you achieve one scrum or one sprint at the time.  For example, if your lifetime goal is to be an author. Instead of you taking the 6 months break to go and write it you write one page per day or per week and at some point, you will be able to complete your lifetime goal to be an author.

Diagram of Agile Approach to Life Model

In conclusion, there is not much time in our lives to achieve the goals we want to. We have to make better decisions on how we invest time and how we deal with procrastination. In addition to that, we may change the way how we approach life from an agile perspective. We live our perfect life every single day in smaller ways.

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