Wheel of Life

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wdt_ID Attributes Explanation Rating
1 Business, Career & Studies Is your career where you want it to be by now? Are you heading in the right direction? 6
2 Finance & Wealth Are you earning enough income to satisfy your current needs?
Are you financial setup for future growth in wealth?
3 Health & Fitness How physically healthy are you?
Are you satisfied with your level of fitness? Are you satisfied with your diet?
4 Social & Friends Are your friends supportive of you? Are you engaging friends and socializing to your satisfaction levels? 8
5 Family Is your family supportive of you? Are you supportive of your family? 4
6 Love Do you feel loved? How often are you expressing love to others? 2
7 Recreation & Fun Are you enjoying your life and making it fun?
Are you satisfied with the level of activity that you do?
8 Contribution How would others rate your contribution to society or them as individuals? 7
9 Personal Growth How focused are you on personal growth?
Are you satisfied with your direction?
Are you trying new experiences and seeking to learn?
10 Spiritual How connected are you to the inner and outer world?
Are you satisfied with your relationship with your spiritual being?