What is the Meaning of Life? Choose to Live an Intentional Life Daily

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Written By: Ali Kasa

The meaning of life is a complex as it means different thing to different people. It is also difficult as since beginning of life great scholars and philosophers have provided their views on what life means for them or to them.

This article aims to simplify the concept of life and provide a different perspective to what life means. I found this understanding useful in my personal life and with young and older clients during life coaching sessions, hence decided to write this article.

The Life Definition Formula

It sounds absurd to imagine such a complex and fluid concept into a frame or formula. As indicated, my intention is to simplify this complex and difficult subject especially for young adults.  The life definition formula is:


The interpretation of this formula means that life is the time from birth to death and its quality depends on the choices someone makes as well as its legacy would depend on what someone wants to make out of his/her life. Let us examine each aspects of what life means.

Life is Time

Life means “the period between the birth and death of a human being”.  If life means time, how much time someone is expected to live? The term “life expectancy” refers to the number of years a person can expect to live. By definition, life expectancy is based on an estimate of the average age that members of a particular population group will be when they die. Calculate your life span utilisation for free.

The way to have a good life is to use time wisely. The following factors help us deal with procrastination or investing time on non-productive or useful activities.

1- Time is limited

If you find out tonight that you’ve only got one year left to live, you’ll make the most of the year left. If you act like life is infinite, you won’t. In reality people forget this fact about life and procrastinate. Then end up never achieve the goals or dreams they set for themselves.

2- Life is Fragile

While life expectancy is true statistically, that may not be the case for you. Think of a family member, friend or someone you heard of who passed away when they were kids, teens, in their twenties, thirties, or forties who passed away.

3- You cannot buy time

Let us say you ended up being rich and you could buy anything you wanted with money. The only thing that money cannot buy for you is time. When your time is up, its time to go.

Another dimension of life is time that may be useful to mention is that we all are product of our time. Human beings are not finished products when they are born. They evolve with time and change over time. The time we live has an impact of who we are and who we become.

Human beings are not born finished products; they evolve and change with time. We end up becoming product of our time.

Ali Kasa

Life is Choices

Freedom of choice is a divine gift. We all have the ability and the freedom to choose. The choices we make shape the quality of life we live. Having the freedom of choice is a great power and with great power comes great responsibility to choose wisely.

How do you make great choices or decision? You make great choices by mastering the decision-making competency. We learn through our past mistakes, from other people mistakes and successes.

Human beings are not born finished products; they evolve and change with time. We end up becoming product of our time.

Ali Kasa

Life is Design

With freedom of choice and time we got we could design one or more great lives that we will be proud of. The issue is that we live the life as prescribed by our parents, community, society, friends etc. This is a convenient way to live as you can blame them for terrible life if you do not like it and you are conforming to the societal norms.

You only have one life, take responsibility for your life and design it the way you want it.

In conclusion, life is precious. Treasure every moment of your life. Be grateful for great moments and learn from difficult and challenging ones. You always have the power of choice. Choose wisely and design a great life one that you are proud to be the architect.

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