The Million Dollar Club

It is my goal to inspire and make 100 Millionaires who wants to live their dreams doing what they love. Entrepreneurship is a word of fulfilment fueled with game changing strategies and the mindset of staying ahead of others – Join The Million Dollar Club.

The Million Dollar Club is for you who wants to be entrepreneur and those who have conquered the limiting believes of:

“ I do not have money…….”

“I am from a rich family……”

“I do not have the network……”

“I do not have the time ….”

“I do not deserve the Million dollars …..”

“I do not have the knowledge…..”


Ultimately, we should share one common trait- that is the burning desire to achieve your first 1 Million Dollars dream and strive for the next millions. The key? To have the self-discipline to do so.

Ali Kasa was born in Albania from a small village and he has beaten the odds of becoming a Millionaire. Check his net worth today.

Hafiza Nasir to schedule an interview to assess if you have what it takes to join this club.

Who has joined the Club?

Mr. George Chedrawi

The Lean Enterprise Framework

Throughout the entrepreneurship journey of 15 years and the trial and errors as well as lessons learned from more that 30 ventures I developed a lean Start Up framework which I use to help the Million Dollar Club Members achieving their dream of becoming Millionaires.

Would you like to join the club and be a millionaire?