Stop wasting time, energy and money and start designing and building your dream business today.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to withstand the knocks of competitors, market and your own mistakes in the journey of designing, building, growing and exiting from an enterprise or a business venture. Lean entrepreneurs are special break of entrepreneurs who possess a unique mindset on no waste of resources during the entire life cycle of the enterprise. The lean mindset and behavior ensures the likelihood of survival during the startup stage and success of the enterprise.

With The Lean Entrepreneurs Manual, you see entrepreneurship from a different angle with totally new mindset and behavior thought-out your entrepreneurship journey.  While making mistakes are inevitable, this book to become wiser by learning from other people mistakes or wisest by learning from other people successes in building your dream business.

Want to survive and thrive in a brutal business world, master the seven steps of lean entrepreneurs’ framework. Start with end in mind and design your exit plan before you even starting your business. Develop, test and refine your business idea that is build around your capabilities and the market needs. Discover new and unique ways of funding your business throughout its lifecycle. Design and test your business model by using established tools such as business model canvas, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Build Measure and Learn (BML) cycle. Inject emotional elements that resonate with your target audience and use reasoning to validate and ground your business. Use legal conducive legal instruments to establish and protect your business.

Discover how The Lean Entrepreneurs Manual can ignite and power your dream of being your own BOSS today!

Ali Kasa is a serial entrepreneur, international productivity trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach with more than 15 years in Personal and Business Improvement. Ali has worked with thousands of people and organizations across countries and industries as a trainer and coach to CEOs, CMOs and HR Directors. Ali is the author of several business motivation and self-help books, including The Lean Entrepreneurs Manual, Keys To Productive Leadership, Keys To Productive Critical Thinking and Keys To Productive Succession Planning. He is the co-author of The Joy of Pricing.

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