Life. It means different things to different people.

Life architects are people that design, implement and live an intentional life. A life not designed by parents, friends, community or society. Life is defined by the time one has from birth to death, choices made during that time and what one wants to make out of it and the legacy it leaves for next generations.

With The Life Architects Manual, you can design the life you want build around your natural gifts and abilities. Get first hand insights into how life architects take responsibility for their own lives, do not copy others, accept and celebrate their uniqueness and build their lives around that.

Want to know who is a life architect and how to be one? Discover who you are? Identify the conducive environment for you to build your life around. Master the life management process by following a step by step approach to life design. Follow templates and samples provided to complete, refine and improve your life design. Develop a sense of urgency to achieving the life you wanted to achieve today rather than tomorrow. You do not want your life project to be an abandoned unfinished project due to you lack self-discipline, sudden accidents or derailment by others.

Apply The Life Architects Manual and witness the positive changes you will find in your intentional life!

Ali Kasa is a serial entrepreneur, international productivity trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach with more than 15 years in Personal and Business Improvement. Ali has worked with thousands of people and organizations across countries and industries as a trainer and coach to CEOs, CMOs and HR Directors. Ali is the author of several business motivation and self-help books, including The Lean Entrepreneurs Manual, Keys To Productive Leadership, Keys To Productive Critical Thinking and Keys To Productive Succession Planning. He is the co-author of The Joy Of Pricing.

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