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Ali Kasa life mission “To Enable Intentional Design in Every Human Life” – Join the Life Architects Network.

We may lucky to have or meet people in life that help us to figure out what kind of life we want to live. Some of us learn that through our own mistakes albeit late. Some of us never figure out what life is all about or live the lives designed by other people.

Ali Kasa has a believe that if we put every one through the life architects framework by aged of 17 years old they will be able to become life architects creating certain future for themselves.

You are unique and you should accept, celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness in you. Stop living the lives of your parents, friends or even your heroes. Design and live your intentional life- be life architect.

Life Architects Framework

To have an extraordinary quality of life you need to master two things: the science of achievement which is the ability to take anything you envision and make it real and the art of fulfillment – to enjoy every moment of your life. This life framework will help you to achieve the meaningful life you’ve always wanted.

It is important to first understand the things that you, as human being absolutely need is to be happy. Happy in this context, is to have a sense of fullfillment in wahatever you do. One thing you should know that happiness and fulfillment are not the result of having things; they’re the result of an inner contentment. There’s a wonderful quote that goes like this: ‘The happiest people are those who discover that what they should be doing and what they are doing are the same things.’

Ask yourself, what would you rather have? A happy life or a meaningful life? You can both be happy and lead a meaningful life, of course. But most of us, consciously or not, choose the pursuit of happiness over the pursuit of meaning. Happy life is a life centralized on you. Meaningful life, on the other hand is far beyond yourself. It is about a transcendence that shifts your focus from a me-centric world to a beyond-me-centric world.

The truth is, too many people are trapped doing what they have to do instead of what they want to do. And what’s worse is they don’t know how to change it. Life is way too short to spend doing something that prevents us from growing and that doesn’t bring us lots of fulfillment. When we’re unfulfilled, we try to fill this void with other things.

When it comes to the science of achievement, there are three key steps that can enable you to achieve whatever it is you want. The first step is to zero in on precisely what you want to do. As Tony Robbins’ quote “Wherever your focus goes, your energy flows”. When you put your entire focus on something that really matters to you, when you can’t stop thinking about it every day, this intense focus unleashes a burning desire that can help you obtain what might otherwise be out of reach.

So dream big, start focus and let’s get going!


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