Hozifa Dawood

My Story

Hozifa Dawood

I was born in Cairo, Egypt. I was raised by wonderful parents. They provided the best possible education for me. I graduated from Canadian University of Cairo faculty of business and marketing. I continued my studies to graduate from Taylor`s University, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with master’s in political communication. All paid and supported by my parents.

I had a great career starting as Marketing Executive in a Real Estate Company in Egypt, Marketing Senior Executive of a Malaysian Business Consulting Company, Marketing Manager of TV Network in London and currently returned to Malaysia as Group Marketing Manager of US Public Listed Company.

In 2017, I married the girl of my dreams. She and I have great marriage thus far. She has become my life partner and friend.

I have great relationship with my siblings and have large and positive network of friends globally.

You would think this is perfect life and it looks that way.

My Challenge

Hozifa Dawood

My life has not been as perfect as I painted above. I will share with you three main challenges that did impact my life greatly:

  1. Diet when I met my wife, I told her, never think that I will love you more than Burgers or Nutella. While this was a joke, it also meant that daily these two foods were part of my daily diet. At the age of 19 years old I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Doctors put me monthly on about 10 medicine that I needed to take daily to function. I would spend between 700-1000 USD per month on medical bills and insulin.  This was me before.
  2. Financial Literacy, as I shared with you above, I have been blessed with good career and have been earning good income. However, was never friend of money and by middle of the month would my dad to wire me some money. He never said no and would happily wire whatever amount I needed. In 2014 I decided to stop asking money from my family and its time to be dependant on myself, I found my self in financial difficulties and started to learn how to manage my money.
  3. Self-control, monthly my doctors would tell me to change my diet and adopt healthy lifestyle. I new they were right. It make health and financial sense. I just could not control myself from those yummy burgers and pizzas. You know what I mean.

My Changes


I made few changes to deal with my challenges. I listened to my wife. She had bought for my 29th birthday my gym snickers, shirts and bag. She said we will do it together. She made sure that we did our daily gym and exercises even when I did not like it.

We started to make healthier diet choices and very soon we started to see my results and doctors could see it and this is me today as of 25 February 2020. I have regressed from diabetic to pre-diabetic and aim to regress further within next 60 days to normal with no medicine.

I started to track my daily expenses and decided to change ways how I send money. Example, I use to rely 100% on uber service. I decided to buy a motorbike. We use to eat most of the time out and unhealthy, now that is a weekly one meal out. I have better control of my finances.

In summary I changed my decisions, improved self-control and added support structure. My wife has had the greatest impact on my life by helping me with myself discipline. Ali Kasa has been my life coach and helped me look at life and challenges from different perspective.  Dr Siful Kasim has helped me to stop all the medications, Rasha and Dr Omar Mamdoh helped me with the best nutrition plan that made me control my sugar cravings.

I recently participated in Pukhet, Thailand on a competition. This is the first time in 30 years of my life where I participated in something like this and I was from the top 10 athletes.

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