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Written By: Ali Kasa

What is extraordinary life?

Extraordinary life means Extra + Ordinary. This means that you have to do something or live a life that is beyond and above what ordinary people do or live. The majority of people live ordinary lives. Very few live extraordinary lives.

Why do Most People Choose to Live Ordinary Lives?

Ordinary life is easy, travelled by the majority of people, provides certain outcome, accepted by the vast majority of people and you will not end up in trouble. These people do not have to be brave, courageous and confrontational. They are liked by most of people they interact with.

Why People Choose to Live Extraordinary Lives?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to live extraordinary lives. These are the main reasons in my opinion:

  • They accept themselves for who they are.

These people accept that they are a limited edition. They celebrate their uniqueness and not shy to admit who they are.

  • They are Able to Conquer FEAR.

Fear means = False evidence appearing real. People who live extraordinary lives they find ways to deal with fear and conquer them. They do not let fear of rejection by others, non-conformity, being odd stop them from what they want to achieve.

  • They are Courageous

Courage means that you do not let fear stop you from doing what is the right or important thing to do. The following videos explains what courage means.

There are different types of courage. The next video explains the 4 types of courage.


They are People with Values and Principles

The people who live extraordinary lives have strong set of values and principles. Values are defined as how much someone is willing to suffer to live what they believe. Example of someone who had lived an extra ordinary life with strong values is Nelson Mandela who accepted to be imprisoned 27 years for going against apartheid regime.

The Outcome of Extraordinary Life is far Greater than the Ordinary One

It is said that

“Pain and discomfort, are the price of admission, to a meaningful life.”

While living an extraordinary live is painful, not comfortable, difficult and hard, it is worth. You look and examine the people who live ordinary lives and compare them wit those that live extraordinary lives. You will find that those who live extraordinary lives have achieved something special. Not necessary in monetary value. Martin Luther King achieved racial equality. Mahatma Ghandi achieved the independence of India from British Empire.

How to Live an Extraordinary Quality of Life?

Everyone has the potential to live an extraordinary quality of life. The first step to live an extraordinary quality of life is to have the intention to live one. The second step is to believe that you are capable of living an extraordinary quality of life. The third step is to select a cause or something beyond yourself. The fourth step is to have the self-discipline to deal with challenges that you will face. The fifth step is to have the resilience and commitment to finish what you have started. The sixth step is to know that you may not see the outcome in your lifetime.

I have developed the life architects Framework to help individuals to achieve the extra quality of life.

In conclusion, you have only one life. You are 1 among the 7 billion people living on earth. You are born unique. Identify and accept your uniqueness and use that in services of others and that will lead you to an extra ordinary life that is worth living.

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