Thealikasa (Australia) Pty Ltd is a registered company in Australia ABN no. is 40 636 902 157. Ali Kasa is an Albanian serial entrepreneur. His life mission is “to enable intentional design in every human life”.  Born and raised during communist Albania he has learned to appreciate the freedom of choice gifted to everyone of us.

Ali is an alumnus of International Islamic University Malaysia where he graduated with Bachelor of Laws and Masters of Comparative Laws specialized in World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements of international trade laws. As trained lawyer, Ali made a conscious decision not practice law.

He was interested in learning how to create win-win outcomes in business. He graduated from Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship with Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and pursued entrepreurship studies with AsiaeUnivestity where he earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Kasa`s entrepreneurship journey

Mr. Kasa`s entrepreneurship journey started at university where he opened his ice cream kiosk to cover for living expenses. Upon graduation, Ali worked with Marcusevans for about a year as sales professional and in 2003 he co-founded his first business Kavaq Business Intelligence.  After selling his shares in Kavaq in 2008, Ali founded Egnatium® to help post startup organizations find a growth model. In 2016 Ali acquired Anvia Holdings Corporation-ANVV, a U.S.A Securities and Exchange reporting company that he took public to trade on OTC Markets. Ali is the first Albanian entrepreneur to publicly trade a company in U.S markets.  To date Ali has established more than 30 companies in countries like Australia, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Albania. With more than15 years of entrepreneurial experience  and 30 ventures operating in sectors such as events, information technology, manufacturing, distribution and retail Ali established The Million Dollar Club established with mission to make 100 Millionaires.

Books & Press

Ali has published a number of books to help individuals and organizations grow. You will find a complete list of his books and writings at the Books or Press sections.  One of the books that he is most proud of is “The Life Architects` Manual”  designed to help people to design and live an intentional life. Ali personally coaches want to be life architects and has established The Life Architects Club.

Ali trains and speaks to senior executives of organizations as well us young adults to prepare them for life. Please check the complete list of training and speaking topics at the Speaking page.

Making help accessible for both individuals and organizations is key enabler of Mr. Kasa`s life mission. At the tools section, you will find a complete list of tools to help you improve your life or your business.

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